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  Somewhere under the Rainbow b/w Bill Wells in the Ochils, Forsyth by CA Celestial & Bill Wells

Somewhere under the Rainbow b/w Bill Wells in the Ochils, Forsyth cover art

Artist: CA Celestial & Bill Wells
Title: Somewhere under the Rainbow b/w Bill Wells in the Ochils, Forsyth
Catalogue Number: Wee Black Skelf SKELF09
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There is that thing about vinyl. It is almost romantic and its mere presence can cause certain madness amongst the saddest of all music lovers, the vinyl junkie. Desperation had set in - it had been almost a week since my last fix after all - and the Bluesbunny turntable had just been newly calibrated and aligned. Off to Monorail in Glasgow (it actually stocks vinyl) and see if they had something to see me through the night. Panic set in. What to buy, what to buy? Don't even recognise half the names on the sleeves in the racks. Wait a minute. Bill Wells. Certainly know that name but who is CA Celestial? It matters not. Time is short and purchases must be made.

So that is how "Somewhere under the Rainbow" got to be on the turntable at Bluesbunny Towers. Being diligent and using the Internet thingy, Bluesbunny quickly determined that CA Celestial was one Cari Anderson from Airdrie of all places. Now we must assume that she has a big sword as that town is not known as a place where culture can easily survive. The courts always seem busy though. The song itself is somewhat plinky plonky - that could well be the Bill Wells' influence however - but the haunting, breathy vocals have a compelling charm. Maybe this isn't actually a song but a musical spell for it does comes back to haunt you when you close you eyes. Not in a disturbing way either as Bluesbunny ended up feeling curiously comforted by it. An enchantment indeed.

"Bill Wells in the Ochils" is all arty and atmospheric in a half jazzy, half foreign film soundtrack kind of way. It drifts along pleasantly enough whilst "Forsythe" adds a short reprise featuring some wordless female vocals. Well, it fills up the "B" side.

You know you have a problem when you start buying singles by people you have never heard of. Fortunately, karma sees the Bluesbunny right yet again and we ended up pleased to have made the acquaintance of CA Celestial.
Review Date: February 22 2008