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  Sweet Fang b/w Greenery by Captain Sons & Daughters

Sweet Fang b/w Greenery cover art

Artist: Captain Sons & Daughters
Title: Sweet Fang b/w Greenery
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

That's what we like to see. A record designed to be so obscure that they only press 100 copies of it with each one having a hand finished sleeve. This one came finished with a (obscure) postage stamp from a long forgotten part of the United Arab Emirates and was pressed on vinyl heavy enough to be classified as weapon. The songs on this single are "Sweet Fang" and "Greenery" and the band is Captain Sons & Daughters (who would appear to be Drew McDowall and Kara Bohnenstiel).

Bluesbunny sinks his teeth into "Sweet Fang" first (and narrowly fails to avoid a crass pun at the same time) and finds a hippy, trippy, quasi psychedelic instrumental with the added flavouring of strawberry choral harmonies. There is a meandering quality to it with odd phasing and reverb effects to send you off the sonic track. It is not like this song has no place to go but more like it is just going to take its time getting there. Since we are in a metaphorical mood, this song is something of a hand painted Volkswagen camper van driving down the highway of life.

"Greenery" does seem a bit more structured than "Sweet Fang" but it comes across more as being more of a soundscape than a song. Not necessarily a bad thing of course but when the song finished, Bluesbunny was not sure it was real or just a figment of the imagination.

The jury is out on this one. The songs were just a bit too laidback and relaxed for the Bluesbunny taste but it will no doubt appeal to people who drink less than we do. Anyway, it will no doubt become a collector's item so buy it while you can.
Review Date: February 23 2008