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  Clean Up Your Eyes b/w Death to the Dancefloor by The Dykeenies

Clean Up Your Eyes b/w Death to the Dancefloor cover art

Artist: The Dykeenies
Title: Clean Up Your Eyes b/w Death to the Dancefloor
Catalogue Number: Lavolta Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Mmm……mauve vinyl. Not exactly Glasgow is it. Bluesbunny has once again been perplexed by the poor lighting in our favourite record shop into thinking that the Dykeenies' "Clean up Your Eyes" single was on a manlier colour. It is the music that counts after all, isn't it? Or as they say in the record business - it is the music that counts but only after all above and below the line expenses have been deducted.

As Bluesbunny had recently seen this band perform live at the Glasgow Science Centre in front of a horde of screaming schoolgirls, it seemed appropriate to take a listen to their single. Just to be perverse, we listened to it on vinyl as their target audience probably don't even know what a record player is. Spinning up "Clean up Your Eyes" to its requisite 45rpm causes the room to fill with happy, poptastic sounds. A pretty much by the book song is lifted by some pretty decent vocals but otherwise lacking a bit in the sparkle department. Filling the grooves on the flip side is the back to the eighties style "Death to the Dancefloor". Musically, this song doesn't stray far from the playbook but that would be a commercially appropriate decision given their target market.

Not exactly inspiring then but, if they get some commercial success, then maybe they will develop into a rather more satisfying snack. After all, look what happened to the Monkees after they escaped the record company shackles and got themselves some decent drugs.
Review Date: February 23 2008