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  Darling b/w Ribbons by Sons and Daughters

Darling b/w Ribbons cover art

Artist: Sons and Daughters
Title: Darling b/w Ribbons
Catalogue Number: Domino Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Ah, a bit of spirit at last. If you are going to make a good pop record in the old style i.e. under 3 minutes long with a sing along chorus, then you need to have some spirit. It is all fine and well being deep and meaningful over the duration of an album but if all you have to get someone's attention is three minutes then you have to sink the boot in.

Sons and Daughters do not disappoint here. "Darling" is a kick ass kind of song strutting out of the speakers full of sass and attitude. Adele Bethel's vocals stay well away from anonymity and provide the icing on the cake to those layers of jagged guitars and floor shaking drums. Keeping it company on this single is "Ribbons" and this song is altogether darker and grungier. Bluesbunny likes that kind of thing and it does indicate (as if we didn't know already…) that Sons and Daughters are going be more than just another pop band. Definitely worth redirecting some of your beer money in the direction of this single.
Review Date: February 23 2008