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  The Death of Nightlife by Help She Can't Swim

The Death of Nightlife cover art

Artist: Help She Can't Swim
Title: The Death of Nightlife
Catalogue Number: Fantastic Plastic FPLP017
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2007

This really should have been a Vinyl Vault as we reviewed the limited edition LP (on truly bizarre half black, half white vinyl) instead of the CD but what the hell. Music is music and being a proper LP just makes it better.

One of the many advantages of the vinyl LP is that the nice big sleeve that leaves plenty of room for the lyrics to be printed. Indeed, a nice insert with the lyrics is supplied. First impressions are positive with even a reading of the lyrics impressing. Leesey Frances' vocals are also noteworthy especially on "I Think the Record's Stopped" and "All the Stars". There was plenty of punky energy on show in "Idle Chatter" but "Box of Delights" could have come straight out of any indie band's toolbox. The single," Hospital Drama", is bouncy and hard edged and does show this band in a good light (as you would expect a single to do).  Despite the promise of the lyrics, the lack of variation in pace and arrangements did kind of compromise our listening enjoyment.

The whole indie pop thing is epitomised by Help She Can't Swim and this album. It has that edgy sound, sharp lyrics and it can go pretty damn loud as well. All of which makes it interesting but it was, to tell the truth, hard to warm to this album. On the whole, it seemed just a bit cold and processed without that spark of individuality that would get their songs into your head. Bluesbunny will, however, be interested in hearing what happens with their next album.
Review Date: February 24 2008