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  Baby Boo Got Gone by Sofie Reed

Baby Boo Got Gone cover art

Artist: Sofie Reed
Title: Baby Boo Got Gone
Catalogue Number: Lovebug Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

We get a lot of new music through the door at Bluesbunny Towers but we are also saddled with the curiosity of a cat. It might well be something to do the fact that some of the Bluesbunnies are inveterate record collectors but we also like to unearth albums of quality that have been gathering dust on the shelves for a few years. Hence this review of "Baby Boo Got Gone" by Sofie Reed. So read on…

They say that the blues is in us all. It just needs something to bring it to the surface. Just what happened to a white girl from Sweden to bring the blues to the surface is a mystery to us but this resulting album from Sofie Reed is something we should all be grateful for. We are not talking the hard times blues but the feelgood blues that you might get in a club of a weekend. The darkest this album gets is the closing song "Funky Rattle" with just Sophie, a harmonica and some footstomping to help with the testifying. "Box of Prayers" is rather more middle of the road and FM radio friendly in its presentation but there would have to something far wrong with you if you could remain unaffected by Sophie's sensitive vocals. Maybe she could turn her hand to a torch song as well? Of course she could and you can almost taste the cigarettes and sadness in "Heartbreaker's Post". Veering off into more jazzy territory, "Fallen Star" is pure class (and that is not something that the Bluesbunny is prone to saying about anything vaguely related to jazz!). You might have heard us rant occasionally about the generally antiseptic and cold nature of so much modern music but this album was - for want of a better word - heartwarming.

Bluesbunny has to say - again - that this is one classy album. It is put together in a slick and professional manner but it sure got rhythm. Relaxing and invigorating all at the same time, this album is an easy recommendation. You can buy it (and hear song samples from it) at CD Baby and according to her MySpace page she is working on a second album to follow on from her self penned debut. Work quickly, Sofie, for the Bluesbunny is not a patient man!
Review Date: February 25 2008