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  Drunk by Uncle Leon & the Alibis

Drunk cover art

Artist: Uncle Leon & the Alibis
Title: Drunk
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Part urban philosopher, part poet and (probably) part time beer abuser, Uncle Leon brings us his unique perspective on life through his music. Nothing fancy about this album. Simple production, simple arrangements and simple honky tonk powered fun. Never would guess they were from Brooklyn.

The songs are wryly funny. Uncle Leon is one straight talking guy who sings in the Johnny Cash style. "Hot Rod Mamas" serenades the kind of women that we guys really like and they are not the kind that society tells us we should like. He's got a sentimental side too. "Drugstore Roses" is a touching tale of love and devotion (and beer). The spirit of real country music lives. "I Hate My Job" regales us with commentary on the inequities suffered by the working man. "Big Idea" is a true country classic that would have made George Jones proud. "Telegraph Road" steps up the tempo. "Beer Train" is a salutary reminder that we should not take things for granted and there are heroes everywhere. The killer track is "Hank 'n' Me". This is a song that perfectly expresses the Bluesbunny ethos. Multinational marketing machines can take the best music in the world and package it like cornflakes. Uncle Leon & The Alibis tell it like it is with the story of what would happen should the late, great Hank Williams be trying to make it in the business today.

We laughed. We sang along. We drank some more beer. We danced like only drunk men can. The fun has truly been put back into music. It is guaranteed to put you in a better mood than even beer. If your doctor tries to prescribe you anti-depressants, just tell him that you don't need no drugs. You need a shot of Uncle Leon & The Alibis. Along with a dozen drugstore roses and a six pack of beer. It's the cure for what ails you! Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: June 22 2007