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  Big Dog b/w Harry’s Game by Wilson Tan

Big Dog b/w Harry’s Game cover art

Artist: Wilson Tan
Title: Big Dog b/w Harry’s Game
Catalogue Number: El Rancho ERR001
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

A first for the Bluesbunny. Despite much rummaging around in the Vinyl Vault, no brown vinyl singles could be found. We have one now in the shape of "Big Dog" from Wilson Tan on Glasgow's El Rancho Records. It kind of looks like a round Caramac (remember Caramacs?) as it spins round on the Bluesbunny turntable. Time to put the needle to the groove.

Bluesbunny likes Wilson Tan. They are almost like a parody of an old time country band and "Big Dog" does feature some remarkably affected accents. Fortunately they have a quirky charm that carries them through in some style. The banjo seems oh so right and it has to be said that a big smile is a very likely outcome of listening to this song.

Flipping the Caramac (sorry, I meant single) over and a song called "Harry's Game" can be found. It too is in the country style but there is something a little unbalanced about it. Bluesbunny has heard something similar in the soundtracks to the lesser spaghetti westerns from composers like Stelvio Cipriani. An oddly appealing instrumental anyway.

These songs have an oddball charm that leaves you feeling all warm. Not sure about the brown vinyl though.
Review Date: March 7 2008