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  Blow Me Down b/w As Soon As Now by My Electric Love Affair

Blow Me Down b/w  As Soon As Now cover art

Artist: My Electric Love Affair
Title: Blow Me Down b/w As Soon As Now
Catalogue Number: MELA002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Anguish and arrogance. The joys of youth transferred into music that will accompany the confused hormones. Maybe this Bluesbunny is getting old but this single from Edinburgh based My Electric Love Affair brought it all back.

There is that doom and gloom feel for example. The droning guitars are all present and correct. Add in some hum and some feedback to give things a real feel. "Blow Me Down" therefore has potential for wide appeal too not just amongst your average indie rock enthusiast but also amongst the more commercially minded Goths. Everything is taking place in the shadows of course with only the candles to light our progress. Convincingly performed and atmospheric, there is certainly potential here but it is a touch derivative. Given the evidence, My Electric Love Affair have not yet found their own voice.

"As Soon As Now" occupies the flipside. This time we get the acoustic guitar to lead us through the song along with some seriously reverb laden vocals. In fact, just what I imagined an Oasis demo would sound like.

A decent enough single but Bluesbunny thinks that there is better to come from My Electric Love Affair.
Review Date: March 7 2008