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  B & the Honeyboys by B & the Honeyboys

B & the Honeyboys cover art

Artist: B & the Honeyboys
Title: B & the Honeyboys
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Ireland? This band are from Ireland? The Bluesbunny ears thought they were being deceived. Surely this band was from Chicago. But no, they are indeed from Ireland. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bluesbunny is pleased to present our review of B & the Honeyboys self titled album.

B (also known as Aileen Mythen) is a rather fine singer. She has that polished style that makes it all seem so easy. Add some tasty guitar courtesy of Kieran McEvoy and you know that this album is going to work out just fine. "I Miss You" sets the scene admirably. You're in the back corner of a bar somewhere and a band starts their set. You just can't help yourself. They settle into an easy groove and your foot starts tapping. The dancefloor starts to fill as they fire up the funky "Hang My Head". To think that people revere the plastic pop princesses when the real deal is to be found right in front of you. The good times keep on coming in the shape of "Spinnin' Around" with Padraig Kilbride's keyboards driving things along nicely. The girls at the corner table join in on the chorus. This one has what they used to call hit record stamped all over it. Can we please have a slow one? Yes you can and "You Get What You Ask For" is just how it should be. Hold her close as the music is nearly over. There is still time for an encore and everybody rocks to "Set My Heart on Fire".

Now the Bluesbunny likes a drink. Indeed we believe that good music and drink go together rather well. This album from B & the Honeyboys proved to be a particularly fine accompaniment to our beloved Guinness. Not the most original album that we have ever heard but they do what they do very well. We'd just love to see them live. In fact, we'll drink to that!

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Review Date: March 10 2008