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  Atomic Beast by Human Host

Atomic Beast cover art

Artist: Human Host
Title: Atomic Beast
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2006

At Bluesbunny Towers, we have a taste for the eclectic. This recent addition to the Vinyl Vault from Human Host certainly seems to fit into this category. It is on vinyl (of course) and is a limited release of 500 copies and for those of you who are unfamiliar with this outfit, Human Host are from Baltimore and consist of Mike Apichella and a whole host of reprobates.

"Atomic Beast" starts with some dated sounding synth work and supplements it with some seriously laconic drumming. Spilling over the top of it all are some deranged, rough edged vocals like Mick Jagger impersonating Captain Beefheart. Keeping up the sonic interest levels are some anguished chants, a bit of unexpected harmonica and a wondrously uneven - we believe the technical term is improvised - guitar solo. Good God, right towards the end, the vocals even go all Prince like before chaos takes over and finishes things off. This one is truly hard to categorise but Bluesbunny has to admit that it did entertain us. We like originals, yes we do.

Available as a split 7" vinyl release shared with the Newagehillbilly from MT6 Records.
Review Date: March 16 2008