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  Gathering 2012 b/w Idiocracies by Newagehillbilly

Gathering 2012 b/w Idiocracies cover art

Artist: Newagehillbilly
Title: Gathering 2012 b/w Idiocracies
Catalogue Number: MT6 Records 6068
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2006

And what to say about this one? Well, it is another eclectic gem from the Vinyl Vault. Newagehillbilly is from Maryland and looks like a proper beer drinking, truck driving kind of guy. Only there are some strange goings on in his head that make him produce some odd music (and yes Betsy, it ain't country).

First to our ears is "Gathering 2012". This song is a vicious mix of lo-fi proto punk and electro. Cheap drum machines drive it along with the scratchy vocals and grungy guitar taking things right into the vortex. "Idiocracies" is an even stranger mix of hip hop and arthouse type noises. Weird and certainly nowhere hear the mainstream. Rounding things off is a collection of radio station type calls. You know the sort of thing - "Hi, I'm Britney and I listen to XFM Scotland all the time". You have to give the Newagehillbilly credit for being prepared for the big time…

This oddball delight is available as a split 7" vinyl release shared with Human Host on MT6 Records.
Review Date: March 16 2008