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  Heads Roll Off b/w Set You Free by Frightened Rabbit

Heads Roll Off b/w Set You Free cover art

Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Title: Heads Roll Off b/w Set You Free
Catalogue Number: Fat Cat Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

A recent addition to the Vinyl Vault was "Heads Roll Off" from Glasgow based band Frightened Rabbit. Bluesbunny. Rabbit. A match surely made in heaven. After properly preparing our big floppy ears with large amounts of beer, we put the needle in the groove.

"Heads Roll Off" is a decent enough song in the indie pop style. You've got the earnest, sometimes impassioned vocals that are a feature of so many Scottish bands these days and it is suitably melodic and catchy but it does sound a bit generic and radio friendly. Bluesbunny just got the feeling that this song would (perhaps unjustifiably) get forgotten five minutes after you heard it.

As is often the case, the flipside saves the day. "Set You Free" has been seasoned with a more than a touch of the folk music. The plaintive vocals are spot on and more importantly they build as the song progresses rather than just repeating in the same old verse chorus verse formula. Far more distinctive than the "A" side, this was the one that stuck in the Bluesbunny memory. In simple terms, it sounded real.
Review Date: March 16 2008