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  Lucky Face by Miyagi

Lucky Face cover art

Artist: Miyagi
Title: Lucky Face
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

This album displays a monkey, a dragonfly, and an alligator on its front cover. We at Bluesbunny don't normally judge a book by its cover, but this one caught us out. Edinburgh's Miyagi have coughed up an album of animal-friendly pop-rock that boasts quaint, foreign sounds, yet remains perfectly accessible.

Fittingly, the opener is called "Dirty Little Monkey". Instant appeal lies in the cowbell, but that's only the beginning. This song plays like a walk through the jungle - if you've ever seen The Jungle Book, you're about halfway there. "It's As Easy as Lying" incorporates a saxophone that begs the listener to start dancing like a moron. The fuller sound is perhaps what would result from Madness having a Red Bull-fuelled run-in with The Libertines.

Miyagi must have a collective fondness for animals going by the quantity of animal-related songs this album offers, but so long as they maintain their sound, they could be writing about dog turd for all it would matter. Thankfully, they know better. It's almost as if the band has fought to deflect an innate indie sound. The all too common sound of the pseudo-reggae twang is present at times, but sounds positively genuine in an age when most recognisable indie rock bands are making a fortune from bastardising The Clash. This band marks a refreshing departure from this loathsome trend.

The album is decidedly upbeat, almost as if it were the soundtrack to a Disney film. To word it differently, it's hellishly infectious. What's more, it will still hold limitless appeal to feeble-minded indie snobs, whilst also attracting those interested in a band not afraid to test the waters.
Review Date: March 20 2008