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  Sweet as Sin by Ruby James

Sweet as Sin cover art

Artist: Ruby James
Title: Sweet as Sin
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

What we have here is a blend of country, pop and rock all rolled into one fun musical package.  It may only be six tracks long; however Ruby attacks each and every one of them with vigour and enthusiasm, and is clearly determined to give you a good time.

With a good balance between the up tempo and slower numbers there is a little something to suit everyone's taste.  The highlight is "Sweet as Sin", a rollicking piece of countrified rock that stands comparison with anything we've heard from the genre for quite a while.  On the slower side "Famous Song", with a slightly bluesy feel to an organ accompaniment, certainly stands out.  Also give a listen to the pop tinged "The Last Time", and "Another Day" which returns to a bit of slower, restrained beat.

Ideally it's one to play on a clear day while driving down a dusty road in your pickup truck.  Most of us however will have to settle for the CD player in the living room or the ubiquitous MP3 player while on the train.  Regardless, we recommend that you partake of the 'sinful' pleasure on offer from the sweet Ruby.
Review Date: June 20 2007