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  Blues Collage by Colin Langenus

Blues Collage cover art

Artist: Colin Langenus
Title: Blues Collage
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

This track appears on a split 45rpm single with "Broken Mantra" by Tim Holehouse.

Echoes of delta blues and of ethic folk music run through this song from Colin Langenus (guitarist from the band USAIsAMonster). Might even be why it is called "Blues Collage". However, it does certainly fit into the weird category being determinedly atonal for the most part much like a jazz workout. The song is not without structure but don't be expecting a standard verse-chorus-verse approach and just when you expect the song to lose you, a lo-fi vocal from our Mr Langenus adds a bit of old time charm. Then things veer off into left field with droning synths fighting for our ears with some discordant guitar.

One to ponder upon then. Which is good as you cannot ponder without beer. A lot of beer.
Review Date: March 23 2008