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  Live Together Die Alone EP by Never Close

Live Together Die Alone EP cover art

Artist: Never Close
Title: Live Together Die Alone EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

We like a bit of youthful enthusiasm here at Bluesbunny Towers. Just as well as that is what we get from Northern Ireland based band Never Close. This is their second EP by the way.

Starting off "Live Together Die Alone", the angst gets turned up with the volume control in the best indie rock tradition. Compared to bands like Operahouse, this band certainly seem to be a lot angrier. Maybe it is the lack of major label polish, but the emotion comes across loud and clear. Clive Kennedy beats the drums furiously in the background whilst the guitars stab at you. Repeatedly.

"The Best Dancer Gets One" holds the course set by the title track. Steven McGonigle sings like he has the troubles of the world on his young shoulders and this is a decent song with appealing lyrics if rather derivative.

Last but not least is "Give It Up". This is a more interesting song mixing up metal riffs and soaring guitars to great effect. It seems more of a conventional rock song than the others on the EP and even the lyrics echo age old rock sentiments. However, it works well and you can see this becoming an audience pleaser.

There is plenty of energy and determination on show on these three tracks even if their musical direction would seem to be more mainstream rock than the more fashionable indie rock. They should even manage to build a following in the USA with this release especially if "Give It Up" gets some college radio airplay.
Review Date: March 24 2008