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  Carlton Sessions EP by The Scuffers

Carlton Sessions EP cover art

Artist: The Scuffers
Title: Carlton Sessions EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

It always brings the BluesBunny pleasure to uncover something worthy in his Scottish heritage. This 6 track EP is a fine example of how music should be. It sounds like the band are actually enjoying themselves. A great relief from the forced digital perfection of your latest chart "star". Despite the presence of the dreaded fiddle, this set is influenced more by the genre generally referred to these days as Americana than parochial Aran sweater wearing folk music. The up-tempo tracks "Dear Stranger" and "You've Got Troubles on Your Mind" work best but there are no weak moments. 

Lead singer Gavin Wallace provides all the songs. Musical accompaniment is ably provided by John Murphy on drums, Ian Fraser on bass guitar and Clair Tierney on banjo and fiddle. This one won't stray far from your CD player.

If you end up in hell (if you are a lawyer then there is no "if"), you will spend eternity with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. If you end up in heaven, you will no doubt get free beer and the Scuffers. Works for me!
Review Date: November 2 2007