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  On The Fire b/w My Love by Holly Golightly

On The Fire b/w My Love cover art

Artist: Holly Golightly
Title: On The Fire b/w My Love
Catalogue Number: Damaged Good 233
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2005

When you think of gems, maybe you think of diamonds. You don't get diamond mines in Britain of course but you do can dig up gems. A gem like Holly Golightly. Perhaps that is what is good about this country - there is always something special hidden just of sight. Although she has not had the commercial success that she has deserved, she is without doubt one classy chanteuse.

The subject of this review is a charming release from 2005. "On The Fire" has that sixties style shuffling backbeat that manages to evoke the heydays of both country music and of the girl group sound. Ed Deegan's guitar is the perfect complement to Ms Golightly's considered vocals. There is a neatness to it that suggests creation by machine but the feel is so warm that it cannot be so. It is the kind of song that makes you feel like lighting up a cigarette and pondering on your life and loves. This is classy stuff.

On the flipside is a cover of Willie Dixon's "My Love". Handled in a remarkably respectful manner, Ms Golightly sounds well at ease with this one. Her voice weaves neatly (there's that word again) around the period style backing. An effective and moving version of a classic blues song.

Also of note is the odd half black, half orange vinyl that this release is pressed. Not sure why anyone would want a split coloured single but here it is. The marketing department were probably mad on the drink at the time.
Review Date: March 28 2008