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  Escape from Death Star b/w Evil Creatures by The Murky X’s

Escape from Death Star b/w Evil Creatures cover art

Artist: The Murky X’s
Title: Escape from Death Star b/w Evil Creatures
Catalogue Number: Handmade Records HMR004
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2002

You know the story by now. Bluesbunny wandered into a record shop (when they still had such things) and bought some singles. Sometimes they had musical merit and sometimes the sleeve caught our attention. That is how the Vinyl Vault came about. This selection from the coloured vinyl pile - on a candy pink vinyl in case you are interested - was released on the Norwegian label Handmade Records and is by The Murky X's.

Although only a 7 inch single, it features 6 tracks all in best lo-fi. "Escape from Death Star" is listed as the "A" side on the sleeve and is probably best described as a warped country song like Nancy and Lee on some sort of medication with the gruff male vocals contrasting with the sweet female vocals. It also seems to stop and then repeat itself. Also included on that side are a couple of demos. Teela's Demo #1 is a vaguely folky tune whilst Teela's Demo#2 could be best described as industrial.

The remaining three tracks are equally odd. "Logan's Theme" is a straightforward but melodic acoustic guitar led instrumental seasoned with some industrial samples. "Evil Creatures" ploughs much the same furrow adding those sweet female vocals to enliven the recorded in the bedroom feel of the song. Meandering its way off this EP is "Platonic Sex" but it least it doesn't take up too much of our time.

Being a limited edition of 180 copies, this release will have collector appeal. Certainly "Logan's Theme" and "Evil Creatures" are worthy of your attention but Bluesbunny just did not see the point of including the other tracks. The three carrot rating is for those two songs and the rest are best regarded as free filler.
Review Date: March 29 2008