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  Dance Forever b/w Missing You by Cheryl Ladd

Dance Forever b/w Missing You cover art

Artist: Cheryl Ladd
Title: Dance Forever b/w Missing You
Catalogue Number: Toshiba EMI ECR20575
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1979

There has to be an embarrassment or two in any self respecting record collection and the Vinyl Vault is no exception. Right next to the punk rarities from 1980 was this release by Cheryl Ladd. Without a doubt, "Dance Forever" outsold all the punk rarities put together (and then trebled!) but we are talking Cheryl Ladd here and she was in Charlie's Angels. That would be the delightfully crass television series and not the nauseating feature films by the way.

Both "Dance Forever" and the flipside "Missing You" are by the book disco tunes for the beautiful people to dance and take cocaine to. The outstandingly photogenic Ms Ladd no doubt filled dance floors from New York to Tokyo with these tracks but, by Thor's hammer, they sound really dated now. Particularly offending the Bluesbunny ears was the crass sax solo on "Missing You". Nevertheless, Ms Ladd could carry a tune well even if the production attempts to submerge her in a sea of expensive session players. Grudgingly, we have to admit that she does just fine here.

Given the Bluesbunny bias towards petite blonde women (who like to play with knives and guns), Cheryl Ladd had to make an appearance on the site at some point. Did we mention that Cheryl Ladd is extremely photogenic? Oh, and now that I recall, Bluesbunny saw her in some telly series recently playing James Caan's ex wife or something and she still looks hot. So, there is a God after all.

Our verdict - 1 carrot for the music and 2 carrots for being Cheryl Ladd equals 3 carrots.
Review Date: March 29 2008