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  Moon Song b/w Nappy Brown by The Surgens

Moon Song b/w Nappy Brown cover art

Artist: The Surgens
Title: Moon Song b/w Nappy Brown
Catalogue Number: Fat & Bulbous Records FATHIP005
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Right, so at the time of purchase, Bluesbunny had no idea who The Surgens were but we concluded that they must be gentlemen of taste and discretion as the cover art for their single "Moon Song" featured our beloved Jane Fonda as Barbarella. The label design on the single echoed the old Sun Records style so it was a reasonable bet that the volume could be turned up on this one.

"Moon Song" did not disappoint us. Hitting us straight away with harmonica and tub thumping drums, the scene iwas set. Jagged guitars were the pulse to this song and we get a real man singing it like he was preaching a sermon. A refreshing change to the bunch of computer harmonised pretty boys that generally assaults our ears on the radio, you just know that The Surgens sweat, fart and drink beer. They probably also hang about with better women than we do as well. That is the natural order of things for a real band. A real band should not be prettier than its audience. A real band should be in the business of making an audience sweat not selling them GHD straighteners and that is what this song does. Makes you sweat.

"Nappy Brown" likewise makes your speakers jump across the room with a jumping beat and sixties beat group feel with a gritty guitar underpinning Craig Murphy's harmonica. This is a good 'un!

It is also good to see a band uphold the tradition of putting messages on the runout grooves of the vinyl. Check them out when you do the right thing and buy vinyl. No such fun with those infernal mp3 things.
Review Date: March 29 2008