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  Rice, Beans, Rock ‘n’ Roll by No Way Jose

Rice, Beans, Rock ‘n’ Roll cover art

Artist: No Way Jose
Title: Rice, Beans, Rock ‘n’ Roll
Catalogue Number: Pee Shy Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

The Bluesbunny likes it loud. There is only so much sensitive singer songwriter type music that a beer drinking man can stand. Especially after dark. Sometimes, you like some basic ball-to-the-wall music. In our furry paws this time we have "Rice, Beans, Rock 'n' Roll" from Los Angeles based band No Way Jose.

You know, it really doesn't matter what language that you speak as long as you get that party message across. Manic proto punk drumming drives the opening track "Wanna Be" along at a breathless pace. This is not coffee shop music. This is down and dirty, best enjoyed at midnight, loud, desperate music. Beer in your hand. Blurred vision. Flashing lights. Skull kicking bass. Every woman in the bar is beautiful. What's my name? What's your, baby?

Mixing Spanish and English, No Way Jose show that it ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it. Those guitars slap you around. The beat just gets you. People look at you strangely as you sing along to "Marta" and the pace does not let up with "Te Extrano". Then "Stripper" dances right out of the speakers and entrances you. It is not the time of the night for poetry and musings on the meaning of life. All a man wants after midnight is a stripper to fall in love with. Maybe switching to tequila was not that good an idea. The music plays with you and hypnotises you. Common sense does not come into it. No Way Jose know this. They have to or they would not have written the song. Strong drink and obsession often go together. In case you didn't get the message in English, they hit you with it in Spanish too. Then you start dancing. You're not the only one either. "Motherfucker" fills the dance floor. It is not beautiful people posing time either. Sweat runs down your face as the tempo changes. You start thinking of sunshine and lollipops before the song charges headlong into the dawn.

Pour me another tequila and make it quick. The sun is rising and it is time for all self respecting party-till-you-die vampires to return to their coffin and maybe buy a CD on the way there.
Review Date: April 1 2008