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  Oh The Humanity by Kat

Oh The Humanity cover art

Artist: Kat
Title: Oh The Humanity
Catalogue Number: KH001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Sometimes you wonder what the major labels are up to. It must cost them a fortune to put a shine on up and coming acts (and somehow remove their soul at the same time). However, people like that polished sound. They must do or they would not buy it. The polished sound can be found in independent music too as this album called "Oh, The Humanity" by Kat so delightfully shows.

"Act Accordingly" opens the album. From its fifties style echoing start, this song updates all those sentiments from simpler times to the modern day. "Failed Utopia" comes at you like a folk song on its first voyage to the city. It's even got a hook that you can hum along to. Something like you would expect of a hippie who had to take a day job and therefore had to write music to remind herself of the idealism of youth. It is quite a trick to write songs as commercial as this and still keep them sounding like they come from the heart. The sympathetic production makes a notable contribution to keeping Kat's intelligent lyrics right in front of you and there is something poetic about these songs too. "Sea from the Sky" could well be Wordsworth evoking, as it does, space and symmetry. A painting for your ears is maybe a better description. If you feel like floating away with the clouds then the perfect soundtrack would be "Hunker Down". Choosing a favourite track was certainly not easy but Bluesbunny would have to go with the sparkling and truly infectious "Fuseable". Bluesbunny can honestly say that this is one album that will move permanently into your CD player.

Being commercial is not a bad thing. Much as Bluesbunny likes the more eclectic types of music, we just cannot argue when something is done as well as this album has been done. Without doubt it is reminiscent of more successful artists - when we think about it she does seem like a cross between Fiona Apple and Janis Ian - but this is a convincing collection of songs that bear repeated plays. Whilst a touch arty at times but it has a poise and grace that is far from common amongst independent, or indeed major label, releases. Very, very good indeed!

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Review Date: April 2 2008