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  Nothing Comes Free by Casey & the Sinners

Nothing Comes Free cover art

Artist: Casey & the Sinners
Title: Nothing Comes Free
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

There are times when a man needs some proper loud music and they don't make too much of it these days. Probably something to do with avoiding offending someone, but there is rather a lot of safe, polite music about these days.

"Nothing Comes Free" is proper loud music. There is some evil, all the way from the gates of hell guitar from Brian Tonner and some manic sixties' style organ from David Cowan to set the scene.  Craig Casey's sandpapered vocals throw the anguish across the room on the age old theme of what no money will buy. That's nothing, in case you haven't guessed. You find the blues everywhere and Casey & the Sinners have the blues.

Not so long ago, Bluesbunny reviewed Scott Biram and the Black Diamond Heavies live. Casey & the Sinners sound like an urban version of those bands. There is the same rawness, the same lack of respect for technology, the same direct way they get the message across. This song isn't going to win any hifi awards but it sure grabs your attention. Best played loud and served with Tequila. Leave the bottle…
Review Date: May 10 2008