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  Biometrics b/w Motion Sickness by Death in Public

Biometrics b/w Motion Sickness cover art

Artist: Death in Public
Title: Biometrics b/w Motion Sickness
Catalogue Number: RU Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

How do you express such things as angst, frustration, distrust and disappointment musically? Well you could start with an industrial strength dose of swirling guitars, mix in some manic drumming and top it all off with some despairing vocals. That is the approach that Lancaster band Death in Public have taken with their single "Biometrics". It has to be said that this is not a particularly original approach but it is well executed this time with some effective lyrical stabs taken at our style obsessed society.

On the flipside, "Motion Sickness" seems to follow a similar theme but adds a mournful, dirge like quality. It does the business though and you can almost feel yourself falling into the abyss whilst listening to it.
Review Date: April 3 2008