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  Chemical b/w Toast and Marmalade for Tea by Stardeath and White Dwarfs

Chemical b/w Toast and Marmalade for Tea cover art

Artist: Stardeath and White Dwarfs
Title: Chemical b/w Toast and Marmalade for Tea
Catalogue Number: Half Machine HMR004
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2005

A naked women playing with a knife. A naked women castrating green alien monsters. I think I know her… If the cover is anything to go by then these two tracks should be right up the Bluesbunny's street.

"Chemical" hits that hypnotic beat straight away. Processed vocals echo round the room - "Yesterday was so much better…" - then the beat returns with an edgy guitar for company. It is a bit hippy trippy but not in peace and love kind of way. More like I've taken speed and I'm going to take my helicopter gunship for a spin. Judging by the groaning and sighing at the end, it was a pretty rewarding trip.

"Toast and Marmalade for Tea" is a charming song. Much like the original by Tin Tin, this is psychedelic flavoured pop. It is a fairly unusual choice for a cover and this is a respectful version with some pure magic synth swirls to give it that certain majesty.

Loved the Flaming Lips style cover but not sure why Half Machine Records decided to reverse the labels. Very confusing when writing a review at 3 in the morning!
Review Date: April 5 2008