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  Vivien Scotson 2008 by Vivien Scotson

Vivien Scotson 2008 cover art

Artist: Vivien Scotson
Title: Vivien Scotson 2008
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

A talented singer songwriter from Glasgow, Vivien Scotson has self released a new ten track album. It has been a while since there have been any new recordings from her so Bluesbunny decided to do a review of it.

Sometimes you wonder where songs come from. You can appreciate the trade of the song smith as the 3 minute pop classics get knocked out on the ubiquitous portable digital recorders in home studios and bedrooms throughout the world. The results may be magical or they may be mechanical and Ms Scotson's songs, fortunately, tend towards the former category. Her songs seem to come from within her and you would have to have a very cold heart indeed to remain unmoved by songs like "I Love You" or "Mia Principe".

That whole relationship thing features strongly in her lyrics and what's that word again? Love. Yes it is in there too. There is more than heartfelt ballads on offer however with the up-tempo, country flavoured but still sentimental "Set in Stone" standing out. "Love Undercover" -and Bluesbunny believes that he may well remarked on this before - is her finest song. Ms Scotson's version is completely convincing but you can just hear this song being sung by one of the soul greats. Somebody like Roberta Flack or Anita Baker. In the review of one of her previous releases, another Bluesbunny reviewer remarked that he wanted to give her a cuddle as consolation for whatever heartbreak she had suffered. Well, sometime during "So Cold", this bitter and twisted reviewer got the urge to get on his white charger, sweep her off her feet and ride off into the sunset for one of those happily ever after things.

A collection of songs to treasure, without a doubt. Despite the variable sound quality, there is an honesty and humanity to these songs that will charm you. We all know that home made soup is good for you and it would seem that home made music - at least if it is by Ms Scotson - is also beneficial to you. Well worth your hard earned cash so go buy it. Available from her website. It's been emotional.
Review Date: April 15 2008