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  Dorothy Millette b/w Bumblebee by Screaming Mimi

Dorothy Millette b/w Bumblebee cover art

Artist: Screaming Mimi
Title: Dorothy Millette b/w Bumblebee
Catalogue Number: Phantom Power PPR004
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Another one of those random meetings. An aimless browse to keep a Bluesbunny out of the rain.  Then the music hits you square in the chest. A song crashes out of the speakers and gets right in your face. That would be Screaming Mimi then.

"Dorothy Millette" is a very effective bit of sonic despair and just demands that the volume be cranked right up. Dramatic, reverb laden vocals are combined with a nice dirty, grungy feel with much banging of drums and overdriven guitars. It rocks about the shop like some psycho teddy bear with a sore head. Maybe it's a love song or maybe it is just theatre. It doesn't really matter as it isn't coming off the turntable for a while. Thought they had forgotten how to make music like this…

On the flipside is "Bumblebee". From the fairground style organ to Loretta Chantry's part gypsy part torch singer vocals, this is a cabaret song reeking of decadence and misadventure. You know that this is the kind of woman to rip your heart out and then sell your soul to the devil for the price of a nice pair of red shoes.

This single is on red vinyl too and has some fine cover art that jumped right out at us. If a single is going to do that then the music must be good. In this case, it was. Damn fine stuff.
Review Date: April 18 2008