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  Confessional by Roy Henderson

Confessional cover art

Artist: Roy Henderson
Title: Confessional
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Let's face it. Singer-songwriters can be painfully dull. Shrill, nasal cries over unaffecting acoustic patchwork that fail to strike a chord with the listener. Edinburgh's Roy Henderson, however, has come out with an album of authentic music. No cries for attention here, just an album of honesty in four chords or so.

"Acetylene", a solid acoustic rocker, makes for a decent start to the first chapter of the album. The songs beyond the opener rely less on electric guitar, but this mere point is not made to say less of the album; the attention is still very much held. Henderson can craft a song.

Henderson doesn't need a full band to get his point across. However, the use of drums and keyboard as accompaniment to his guitar does embiggen (!) his sound. "Re-Evaluating Jesus" and "History" exhibit Henderson's ability to pen catchy and intelligent songs. Nothing pretentious here. The voluntary response of one who has lived a life and voiced it in song.

Henderson has managed to produce an album of heartfelt material that - importantly for a singer-songwriter - is largely interesting! While many such singers will pour their hearts out with no return, Henderson is one of the few that should prosper.
Review Date: April 20 2008