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  Stories & Grooves by Augusto Monk

Stories & Grooves cover art

Artist: Augusto Monk
Title: Stories & Grooves
Catalogue Number: Monk Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

There must be something about the Bluesbunny that attracts eccentrics. Augusto Monk can certainly be classed as an eccentric. As a one man band - or pansonic creator as he refers to himself - he brings a unique perspective to the rambling half stories, half songs that he performs. Bluesbunny first encountered him when he sent us a copy of his musical comic "If Girls Don't Come to Me, I'll Go Home on My Own". Now he has sent in a copy of his latest DVD "Stories & Grooves.

Besides the inventiveness of his music, there is also much to enjoy here with the somewhat deranged subjects of his stories. In his world, there are stuttering Elvis impersonators, people who go fishing without hooks and frequent references to bizarre occurrences in cheese shops. Interspersed with the humour are references to what we assume are real experiences of the difficulties of learning, performing and making a living from music. Like all the best music, Mr Monk's music seems to come from the heart and is all the better for it.

This DVD provides irrefutable proof that Augusto Monk is not faking it and watching his perfectly co-ordinated musical moves is quite fascinating. As you would expect of a one man band, there is not a lot that changes visually over the 8 songs that make up this DVD. That does not detract, however, from his storytelling or musical abilities. Overall, a bit of a curiosity then but you really should investigate his musical comics that are available from his website.
Review Date: April 21 2008