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  The Courtesy Fall by Dawn Kinnard

The Courtesy Fall cover art

Artist: Dawn Kinnard
Title: The Courtesy Fall
Catalogue Number: Kensaltown Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Having been profoundly affected by the voice - and general beauty - of Pennsylvania bombshell Dawn Kinnard performing in a hushed Glasgow venue recently, I saw no option other than hunting down her debut release. Not long off the press, here's an honest take on it.

Dawn's voice of Marlboro and Wild Turkey is one that could give credence to even the most appalling of trance anthems, though Dawn is, fortunately, not that kind of girl. However, the often overbearing drums - as for instance on "You're My Kite" - impede what would otherwise be a haunting ballad, and rob Dawn's hushed voice of its presence.

The first half of the album, truth be told, would not be so great were it not for Kinnard's bourbon-worn vocals. It is on later tracks such as "One Little Step Away" and "Pennsylvania" that we come to hear true samples of Dawn at her hoarse best and the album ends appropriately on "White Walls".

Dawn's voice tells its own story and it would be a great shame if such beauty was to be dampened by the overuse of odious instruments. Her voice is startling, yet fragile. While this album is a terrific listen, there are obvious elements to improve on, and hopefully Dawn will come to realize her true calling in music, and avoid falling foul of major label cheaters. I for one would hope that Dawn embraces a full-blown folk-rock career.

It may not be the album that I had anticipated, but it is nonetheless an album of promise for this young sweetheart to act upon.
Review Date: April 23 2008