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  Wet Gold b/w Moon Boil by The Octopus Project

Wet Gold b/w Moon Boil cover art

Artist: The Octopus Project
Title: Wet Gold b/w Moon Boil
Catalogue Number: Too Pure PURE216S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Another release from the limited edition Too Pure Singles Club arrives through the letterbox. This time it is from Texas based band, the Octopus Project and it features two songs, "Wet Gold" and "Moon Boil".

"Wet Gold" seems like a nice, neat piece of indie pop served with sugar on top. It has a slightly downbeat feel to it with the vocal harmonies having that vaguely nervous quality to them that seems omnipresent in the genre but it remains charming throughout. There is no way that a song like this would ever go shoplifting.

On the flipside is ""Moon Boil". This is a rather different kind of song with somewhat unconvincing use of power chords and metal riffs with an overall grungy feel to it. Well, as nice middle class students might do grunge anyway. Bluesbunny was about to write this one off until right at the end, the Octopus Project - for lack of a better phrase - rocked out!

That's the thing about this kind of subscription based approach to buying your music. You are in the hands of the people who are choosing the songs. Too Pure have gone for a quite varied approach and, whilst some of the releases in the series will perhaps not be to your taste, none of the songs are ever less than interesting. Particularly good cover art and design on this release as well.
Review Date: April 24 2008