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  What a Shame b/w Tight Shoes by George Bedard

What a Shame b/w Tight Shoes cover art

Artist: George Bedard
Title: What a Shame b/w Tight Shoes
Catalogue Number: Boo Kay BK-101
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1984

There are names that turn up regularly in the shadows of rock 'n' roll street and one such name is George Bedard. We therefore present for your enjoyment one of his obscure singles from 1984 called "What a Shame". Even using the Google thing does not turn up much about this outstanding guitarist from Ann Arbor, Michigan but the Bluesbunny collection has a few of his albums (as George Bedard & the Kingpins) and he also did guitar duties with the should-have-been-legendary-but-never-were (and also from Ann Arbor) Maypops.

In George Bedard's chest beats the heart of a rock 'n' roller. "What a Shame" has that classic sound that can only be found on vinyl. Aided and abetted by Andy Conlin on drums and Carl Hildebrand on bass, this is one simple homage to the old days. His guitar sings out loud and proud with that bluesy, valve powered sound. You even get a cheating woman thrown in as well. How much more can a man want in a song?

"Tight Shoes" goes all rockabilly. It is a pretty much standard song where a boy meets a girl who bemoans that "… tight shoes, tight pants make it too hard for me to dance!" Even - come to think of it, especially in 1984 - this would have been a couple of hundred miles out of fashion. It all kind of proves that if you make your music yourself then you can make the music you want regardless of what the world thinks is fashionable (and therefore good). One more to independent music, methinks.
Review Date: April 25 2008