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  Always There b/w Chasin’ Mary Ann by The Hazey Janes

Always There b/w Chasin’ Mary Ann cover art

Artist: The Hazey Janes
Title: Always There b/w Chasin’ Mary Ann
Catalogue Number: Measured MR HAZEY5S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2006

There is a school of thought that all great songs in popular music are under three minutes long. Bluesbunny subscribes to that very notion and displayed undisclosed delight when this 2006 single from Dundee band The Hazey Janes was exhumed from the Vinyl Vault.

"Always There" is one of these songs that is greater than the sum of its parts. You can just taste the country rock influences seasoned with Lennon/McCartney harmonies and is that the Tremeloes anglicising the jangly guitars? It only lasts a smidgen over 2 minutes so you barely have time to sit down before you have to get back up, run across to the Dansette and turn it over. Top tune with a free exercise programme. Inspirational and essential and a whole lot more entertaining than fat free yoghurt.

Talking of turning it over leads to the 'B' side (or perhaps more appropriately 'AA' side in one of those very rare circumstances where being a 'AA' is not a major disincentive to keep buying her drinks). The gem we find there is "Chasin' Mary Ann". More big, jangly guitars and more harmonies with a delightful female lead that comes across all wistful in an oddly inappropriate way. 2 minutes and 33 seconds of pure class even if you got the strange urge to wash your hands afterwards. Wonder why they don't make 'BB' sides?

(Editor's note - you readers don't understand the stress I work under. This reviewer actually managed to ramble on for another couple of paragraphs and then tried to justify the existence of 'DD' sides. His Russ Meyer DVD collection has now been confiscated.)
Review Date: April 26 2008