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  The Other Side b/w Whole Lotta Love by Will Tang

The Other Side b/w Whole Lotta Love cover art

Artist: Will Tang
Title: The Other Side b/w Whole Lotta Love
Catalogue Number: Zenmusic
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Guitars. Loud guitars. Loud guitars played with feeling and maybe even ferocity. That's a great sound. Always has been and always will be. Done right - as is the case here - and you wish you could play just like him. Who is he? He goes by the name of Will Tang and you should take a note of this name right now as your record collection (or your iPod) is not going to be complete without him.

Nearly forgot. Will Tang does a ferocious harmonica thing as well. Flames and fury, you know what we are talking about. "The Other Side" slaps you hard in the face. That guitar riff is heavier than weapons grade plutonium. Will Tang's vocals are big and impassioned. You couldn't describe them as whiskey soaked just yet but you have to think that is the way his voice will go. Remember how Robert Plant used to sound before he got old and tried to set up house with Alison Krauss? That's close enough. Will Tang's voice isn't raw but he sounds like he is raw inside. Red raw.

"Whole Lotta Love" - keeping "The Other Side" company on the flipside - is deconstructed into a hard, harmonica powered piledriver of a blues song which is probably how Led Zep thought of it before they had played it 10,000 times. Hear you neighbours beg for mercy (or hear them call for the police) as this is definitely not a song that you can play quietly.

Oh yes, this will do very nicely indeed! Only one thing would make it better and that is a vinyl release.
Review Date: April 28 2008