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  Brighter Than The Sun by Dada Veda

Brighter Than The Sun cover art

Artist: Dada Veda
Title: Brighter Than The Sun
Catalogue Number: RAWA BTTS2007
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This album - by a yogic monk, no less, - came all the way from Albania to Bluesbunny Towers. Needless to say, it came as a bit of a surprise as musicians, by and large, have some fairly unhealthy habits but this yogic monk, Dada Veda, actually manages a kindergarten in Albania.

Again, it was a bit of culture shock listening to these songs. The subject matter is really quite wholesome - world peace, ecological issues, being vegetarian and so forth - and is diametrically opposed to the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that we are used to. Dada Veda's voice is not outstanding but he obviously sings a lot as he makes the most of his limitations in that department. Perhaps the most intriguing thing is the sincerity of his delivery with the sentiments in "Crimson Dawn" coming across loud and clear. Even the simplistic sing-along "I Don't Eat Meat" convinces. It is also true that sentiments like those expressed here seem rather dated in these days of mass cynicism but that does not make them invalid and indeed "One Fine Day" was actually quite uplifting in a modern hymn kind of way.

Overall, this is a pleasant album to listen to. You can't doubt that Dada Veda believes in what he sings and that is not that common a feeling to get about a performance these days and Bluesbunny ended up viewing this album rather more positively than had been expected. Maybe there is something to this whole spiritual thing after all? Don't think I'll be giving up meat though…
Review Date: May 2 2008