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  Monkeyshines b/w I Go Ape by The Chimptations

Monkeyshines b/w I Go Ape cover art

Artist: The Chimptations
Title: Monkeyshines b/w I Go Ape
Catalogue Number: RAMO 105
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

The second all chimpanzee band in the world (the first being Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution, of course), The Chimptations have released a single. Oh yes they have! Bet you didn't know there were two chimpanzee bands in the history of popular music. You do now. To prove their rock 'n' roll credibility the drummer, who goes by the name of Scatter Jr, is the son of Elvis' favourite chip. That implies that the King had more than one chimp if he had a favourite. Graceland goes bananas!

Anyway, to the music. Topmost is "Monkeyshines" and this would easily find a place in the soundtrack to the new Austin Powers movie (only kidding, there is now legislation to stop a franchise getting cheesed to death). All lo-fi with that made in a garage in the sixties feel, you know the sort of thing. Of course it is all just a jolly jape or at least we hope it is as the song leaves us with the sound of chattering chimps. On the flipside is a demented, full power cover of "I Go Ape". What else?

Hardly a musical masterpiece then but this single certainly made the Bluesbunny smile. The cover is a cracker too.
Review Date: May 2 2008