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  Everything Changes by Will Tang

Everything Changes cover art

Artist: Will Tang
Title: Everything Changes
Catalogue Number: Zen Music ZMO1007
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There are times when the Bluesbunny is actually glad to see the postman. In amongst all those bills and junk mail are occasionally some good albums. Sometimes there are even very good albums. Opening the jiffy bag with some trepidation - Bluesbunny once got a carton of chilli delivered to him from that part of the world - and examining the contents got our curiosity going. A blues man from Rochdale by the name of Will Tang? Got to be worth a listen so "Everything Changes" was put into the trusty CD player.

So what we have here is a slick album with slick tunes and a slick performance. There is never any doubt that Will Tang can compete with the shinier stars of better known American blues labels like Eric Lindell. That same warm exuberance that you would expect of the aforementioned Mr Lindell is clearly evident on songs like "Troubles Down" and "Something Special". You just can't resist humming along with these songs. Ah, but didn't we say that Will Tang played the blues? And isn't the Devil usually involved in playing the blues (if only in a managerial capacity these days). Damn right he is and on "The Other Side" all hell breaks loose as Will Tang exercises his musical demons. A song with a riff that would make the heaviest metal axeman bow in respect, this is the killer song of the album. Mind you, the more conventional blues workout "Love Bites" doesn't hold back either as he bemoans the dangers of trying to understand a woman. Then he really lets his harmonica rip on "Sundown" to bring his album to a close. The blues is in his soul.

Whilst the slick, commercial tracks work well, you only have to hear Will Tang with a harmonica and an amplified guitar to know where his soul - and his destiny - is. Keeping it loud and raw is the way to go. Now, all that remains is to find out where he is playing live…
Review Date: May 6 2008