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  Le Rouge by Robert Church & The Holy Community

Le Rouge cover art

Artist: Robert Church & The Holy Community
Title: Le Rouge
Catalogue Number: Series Two Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

A band from Sweden released on a label based in Nebraska? That band would be Robert Church & the Holy Community and that label would be Series Two Records. A quick inspection of the track listing uncovers a song "Rabbit in a Roll" - Bluesbunny appeal straight away.

First impressions are of another collection of indie pop fizz powered by the ubitquous drum machine. Nicely done with some neat guitar riffs, this album does not immediately grab you. Then, after a couple of plays, the lyrics got to the Bluesbunny. "SA10/UFO" has to be the first love song to use metaphorical references to a surface to air missile.  Definitely something interesting going on here. "Steve" continually threatens to overcome the flat production and become an epic drive time favourite. It's a catchy song. The title track - "Le Rouge" - is quite mellow but manages to present a certain majesty much like Sir Elton used to do before he became obsessed with solutions to male pattern baldness. As for the aforementioned "Rabbit on a Roll", well, this song comes across as something of a psychedelic poem with the minimalist arrangement reinforcing that not quite on the same plane of reality feel. Standout track was the "Tale of a King". A song destined for greatness, it sounds so much bigger than its sonic limitations.

There is value for money here too with no less than 16 tracks filling up the album. No shortage of melody or intelligent and imaginative lyrics either even if it gets obscured sometimes in a lo-fi fog. That said, there is much to enjoy here so open your ears to this one and let it grow on you.
Review Date: May 9 2008