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  Army b/w Intuition by Lonelady

Army b/w Intuition cover art

Artist: Lonelady
Title: Army b/w Intuition
Catalogue Number: Filthy Home Recordings FHV0101
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2006

Manchester's Lonelady has a special place in the Bluesbunny's affections so it was hardly an accident that this 2006 single made to the top of the pile in the Vinyl Vault. Her sonic exorcisms of punk's ghosts are a delight to ears exhausted by the polished anonymity of so much music nowadays.

"Army" exudes anguish and even despair. Listening to this song in the middle of a real thunderstorm seemed appropriate (and goes to show just how conscientious the Bluesbunny is at setting up the correct listening environment) as her edgy and often awkward guitar sent sparks out of the speakers to accompany her anguished even despairing vocals. It sounds real in other words, with all the rawness of the creative process intact.

"Intuition" kicks off with some more of that trademark robotic drumming (little more than a click track actually) but feels less intense than "Army". Maybe the best way to describe the song is like early Joy Division would have sounded if they had retained Siouxsie as a vocalist instead of Ian Curtis. If it were not for the darkness of the soul that is evident then it could almost be considered lightweight, but maybe that is what makes it special and why it a song that you keep returning to.

If you are looking for hi-fi quality then you have come to the wrong place but if you want to feel your music then these two tracks are just the thing for you. It looks like this was a limited edition single but you might be able to get one from Filthy Home Recordings.
Review Date: May 10 2008