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  Kill the Captains EP by Kill the Captains

Kill the Captains EP cover art

Artist: Kill the Captains
Title: Kill the Captains EP
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM04
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Kill the Captains are from Sheffield and one might assume that the aforementioned city was full of responsible, soul searching musicians who would give us spiritually uplifting songs. Fortunately for us, there must be something in the water down there as Kill the Captains seem to be afflicted with a peculiarly appealing kind of madness.

They are a bit playful, this band. "Bottom Lip" leaps right out at you with its throwback to the sixties vocal posturing and that oh so jagged yet at the same time polished guitar playing. "Chrunt" is likewise jaunty with pointed "… I recognise his face, I've seem him in the news" lyrics but balanced this time with a bit of twisted musical discord. God know why there is an evil thrash metal break in the middle but there is and it works. There is so much energy here that you could power a small town with this one. "Long in the Tooth" seems altogether more laconic in its delivery but again there is no shortage of hard working guitars to keep things pumping. Oh, and just to round things off, another good one as post punk influences get mixed up with yet more deranged guitars and even some psychedelic influences to make "Fun Anxiety". Therapy required.

It might well have been the drink - and it usually is - but there is an intelligence and elegance present that reminded the Bluesbunny of such exalted forebearers like The Kinks. Very British, imaginative yet a bit left of centre but a whole lot good. Kill the Captains are truly worthy of your attention.
Review Date: May 11 2008