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  States by Oh Custer

States cover art

Artist: Oh Custer
Title: States
Catalogue Number: Series Two Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Back when the weather was better and it was fun to read the NME, one couldn't move for bands with a simple beat and jangly guitars, like sunnier versions of the Velvet Underground with long fringed hair and stripey jumpers. Swedish Duo OH!CUSTER recall that period with this release, a compilation of two EPS and in a limited edition of 200 to boot.

With a tinny sound, guitars well to the fore, generally frantically strummed, and a mechanical drum beat thrashing behind reedy vocals this may only appeal to eighties hipsters but there are some gems among the eleven songs on display. "So Much Better" opens with bird sounds before the guitars and drum beat kick in propelling the song along. Stuck on a Cherry Red or Sarah Records sampler this would be seen as an undiscovered gem from that era. While this song is the highlight, band members Esbjorn Kjell and Josef Davidsson deliver several others that almost scale the same heights. The Jesus and Mary Chain come to mind although OH!CUSTER never summon up the sheer sonic density of the East Kilbride brothers. That said the general rule of thumb here seems to be the more frantic and distorted the guitar the better the song. Interesting nonetheless.

Available from Series Two Records.
Review Date: May 11 2008