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  So Much for Love b/w UR Grace UR, Candy by Slow Down Tallahassee

So Much for Love b/w UR Grace UR, Candy cover art

Artist: Slow Down Tallahassee
Title: So Much for Love b/w UR Grace UR, Candy
Catalogue Number: SPC014
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Coloured vinyl is a bit of an addiction for the vinyl junkie. Maybe it is the lure of getting yet another colour to add to the musical rainbow that can be found in the Vinyl Vault. Anyway there was a big bug logo on the label. Not got one of those. Quiet you babbling fool, we hear you cry and put the needle in the groove and tell us what it sounds like.

Slow Down Tallahassee are a three piece and a drum machine apparently and, on the basis of these 3 tracks,  sound a bit like a mid American radio hit machine of the eighties retreading fifties pop hits, only not American if you follow us. I was going to say Bananarama there but this band can actually stay in tune but there is that slight awkwardness to their sound. "So Much for Love" has got those sweeping synths, simple guitar riffs yet it remains so very British and charming. You can almost hear a sigh as the song ends with a wistful "… I'll still be waiting, baby". On a related point, the use of a drum machine makes you wonder what drummers are actually like if so many small bands eschew their services for a battery powered toy. Perhaps drummers have disgusting personal habits or something. I suppose I could do some of that investigative journalism but there is only 15 minutes left until the pubs open so let's get on to the other two songs instead.

"UR Grace UR" is again a charming tune with those female vocals coming over just a bit huffy. Angst and attitude in a sweet, conventional love song though last time Bluesbunny heard "hold me for the longest time …" he was 14. The last song on this EP turns out to be a bit of a star. "Candy" is a wondrous bit of bubblegum pop that manages to mix - at least to these big ears - a sonic wholesomeness with a feeling of underlying sleaziness. Using a grungy guitar for punctuation just adds to the ambience. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing - give me some more!
Review Date: May 17 2008