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  Robert the King EP by Welcome to Spook Club

Robert the King EP cover art

Artist: Welcome to Spook Club
Title: Robert the King EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

And now we have, all the way from Glasgow, Welcome to Spook Club and their "Robert for King" EP …

Kicking off with "Robert for King" sets the tone. A song that feels laidback as the almost hushed vocals (with some delicately balanced female harmonies) giving a reflective, drifting on the ocean feel that gets rattled hard with power chords and stadium style rock drums before rounding itself off in a wail of feedback. Big on impact, it nevertheless seems a bit mournful.

"Trophies for Hunters" has more loud guitars and feels a lot more aggressive like the Pixies trying to work off a really bad hangover. Pretty angry stuff. Just the thing to accompany life on a tour bus, perhaps

"Our New Republic" returns to the brooding sentiments of the title track with shuffling drums and those guitars again. Funnily enough, the song seems a bit older, or perhaps more mature, than "Robert for King". There does appear to be a theme running through these songs in a sort of Stranglers "No More Heroes" way but with hopelessness replacing the aggression. The lyrics are smart and to the point - "we don't count any more …" - making this is easily the best song of the three.

Not exactly light and fluffy then but certainly an interesting listen.
Review Date: May 19 2008