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  Lost Cowboy by Andy Mason

Lost Cowboy cover art

Artist: Andy Mason
Title: Lost Cowboy
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

There are singer songwriters everywhere these days and anything classed as country music most likely isn't. Kind of pleasing, therefore, to find a bit of old style storytelling that just might fit into the real country genre. Well, Andy Mason's album is called Lost Cowboy after all.

"Fix it Up" could just about get you to raise your glass whilst wearing your best check shirt in any bar room beneath the Mason Dixon line. While it isn't really redneck and is, in fact, quite urban that lyrical sentimentality will surely produce the odd sad tear. "There's Nothing to Eat in Tucumcari" shows a Randy Newman style of humour as it describes the problem of finding vegetarian food whilst on the road in the USA. It certainly raised a smile here at Bluesbunny Towers. Less lighthearted was "When Your Time is Up" but again the song was unashamedly sentimental with Kenny Milton's guitar being subtly satisfying.

Admittedly, "Streets of Portales" would seem better fitted to some sort of uplifting Disney family fun film but Chek Ripper's violin makes up for it by really works upon the tear ducts on "Kewsong". A real cry in your beer song. As for the closing track "You Fit Me Like a Mitten". Well, fit me like a mitten? Love must indeed be a strange thing in this man's head or maybe it is just the side effect of excessive thesaurus use. It does rhyme with smitten, after all.

What we have here are a conventional and good natured collection of songs that are distinguished by a dry sense of humour and a decent amount of sentimentality. Available by world wide mail order from CD Baby.
Review Date: May 19 2008