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  Sexy Singers by Natalie Flanagan

Sexy Singers cover art

Artist: Natalie Flanagan
Title: Sexy Singers
Catalogue Number: OneWay Productions
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Sometimes you wonder what happened to good old fashioned rock music. Its upstart child indie rock is just not the same thing. In the global marketing arena, no doubt it makes sense to get the indie sound into the hands of those who still buy music through a bit of renaming but the real deal is still out there just waiting for you. Natalie Flanagan fits right into that genre of proper rock music.

What we have here is collection worldly wise songs. Not trivial and not poetry either but the kind of songs that many will be able to relate to. Like "So Much Soul" for example. It could be a reaching that certain age kind of thing but this Bluesbunny's feet were tapping along to this one. Likewise "Barely Believe" sounds like it could have dropped out of rock's heyday. "Right Reasons" throws in some harmonica to complement the lyrics that reflect on what a friend really is. Anyway, there's a big finish to be had with the easy going "All For Your Love" that very nearly caused one of those waving the lighters in the air incidents.

It is a curious thing but there are times when Ms Flanagan reminded us of a female Mark Knopfler mixed up with a bit of Dylan. More of an observation than the insult that would normally be, she seems right at home with these songs and her voice fits well. She has perhaps been around enough to absorb all the major adult oriented rock influences as well and has chosen the bits that suit her best. Maybe that's it. Either way, it's a very respectable album that will fit right into many a record collection.

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Review Date: May 22 2008