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  Folk & Blues Part 1 by Doghouse Roses

Folk & Blues Part 1 cover art

Artist: Doghouse Roses
Title: Folk & Blues Part 1
Catalogue Number: Yellowroom YLLWRM003
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2007

They say the Bluesbunny never sleeps. Perhaps that is not entirely true but many a dawn has been seen from the dark side. Watching the sunrise one morning with this EP from the Doghouse Roses playing seemed quite appropriate.

Some things go together well. Coffee and cake for breakfast are an example. Beer and kebabs are another one. Paul Tasker and Iona Macdonald should be be regarded as another such synergistic combination. Our Mr Tasker does the instrumental stuff and some harmonies while Ms Macdonald does the vocals. They are a Scottish folk duo so you have to expect a bit of the Aran sweaters and indeed the obligatory slice of Robert Burns content. In fact, you get two examples from the Robert Burns songbook - a straight take on "Ye Jacobites" and a warm and captivating rendition of "Ae Fond Kiss" that would steal your heart. Ms Macdonald also contributes one of her own compositions "Fairground" that works very well too.

This six track mini album is a decent collection of songs that fits right into the polished modern folk genre. It is, however, somewhat limited by the conventionality of their approach both in choice of song and in the musical arrangements but Iona Macdonald's voice is truly to be treasured. The sun is up and Bluesbunny's soul is at peace. Time to sleep and dream of days gone by.

Available from their website.
Review Date: May 26 2008