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  Life, Love and the Blues by Etta James

Life, Love and the Blues cover art

Artist: Etta James
Title: Life, Love and the Blues
Catalogue Number: Private Music 01005821622
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1998

Another CD found in the bargain bins. Like so many of her contemporaries, she no longer seems to command the respect of the multinational marketing machines. She will always, however, have the respect of my turntable, CD player, mp3 player, SACD etc.

The music is a fine laid back groove with a big fat horn section underpinning the arrangements. This is the kind of album that fits well into a Friday night playlist. It's raining hard so you don't want to go out. So stay in, pour yourself a drink, dim the lights and play this. Etta is in fine voice throughout with rather fine versions of Marvin's "Inner City Blues" and Willie Dixon's "Spoonful".

Produced by the lady herself, this is worth seeking out even if the only place you are likely to find it is in the bargain bins.
Review Date: June 21 2007