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  Family Life b/w Water Makes the Blades Blunt by Kaputt

Family Life b/w Water Makes the Blades Blunt cover art

Artist: Kaputt
Title: Family Life b/w Water Makes the Blades Blunt
Catalogue Number: Too Pure PURE217S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Another recent entrant to the Vinyl Vault, Kaputt are a four piece band from London. Bluesbunny is told that they are making a bit of a name for themselves so as we are followers of fashion (oh, right!), we took a listen.

It back to the late eighties with "Family Tree" with synth runs kicking things off but not for long… Those distorted power chords so beloved of the current breed of indie rock guitarists jump right into the mix.  Fortunately, it does not stay conventional for too long as some demented krautrock style sonic madness courtesy of the self same guitars nearly knocks this piece of vinyl right off the spindle. Silke Steidinger's vocals get pretty much lost in the mix but we hazard that this is a love song of sorts dedicated to a boy in a record shops. To its credit, this song does convince unlike so much of its competition.

Certainly there is more than enough reason to turn it over and play the other side, "Water Makes the Blade Blunt". This song is less self consciously trendy than "Family Tree" and is none the worse for that. It pounds away at your head in a determined effort to get the message across. Again the vocals are used more as an instrumental part but it all fits together well. It must be something about women with foreign accents but it did sound rather stern (but in a good way…) but we like that kind of thing sometimes

This turned out to be one of those records that you play a lot but you can't really put into words why. Are we going to keep it in the Vinyl Vault? Reckon so.
Review Date: May 28 2008